ICE Exam: Revision Modules 1-5

ICE Exam: Revision Modules 1-5
This eLearning bundle consists of five modules which tie closely with the ICE exam curriculum and are designed to support revision and preparation.

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This is a comprehensive eLearning programme designed for delegates preparing to take the ICE Further Learning Exam. The programme consists of 5 modules that tie in with the exam curriculum which is mapped against the Engineering Council’s learning outcomes.

You can track your progress from the landing page of each module. Each revision module can also be purchased separately. The cost also includes the Exam fee*.

Please note that each module in this programme is available as a standalone purchase. The ICE Further Learning Exam can also be purchased separately at

What is the ICE Exam?

The ICE Further Learning Exam is designed for members and graduates with an accredited bachelor’s degree to demonstrate their knowledge and progress to Chartered Engineering status, before applying for ICE’s Chartered Professional Review.

*The ICE Further Learning Exam fee is included as part of the programme bundle price; however, you must meet the ICE eligibility requirements before you can apply to sit the ICE exam.

To check your eligibility, please contact the ICE exam team at

Please note: if you have accessed any of the modules and are unsuccessful in applying to take the ICE exam after purchasing the bundle, no refunds will be granted. It is strongly recommended that you check your eligibility to take the exam with the ICE before purchasing.

The programme is comprised of five individual modules, each closely aligned to the ICE Exam curriculum.

  • Module 1: Procurement, Contracts and Project Management. The course looks at the topic from both a theoretical and applied perspective, with topics ranging from scope definition to supply chain set up, dispute resolution and the nature of international projects.
  • Module 2: Management and Leadership. The course looks at management and leadership issues from both a theoretical and applied perspective, with topics ranging from stakeholder management to the concepts of morality, integrity and responsibility, with specific reference to the ICE Code of Conduct
  • Module 3: Project Appraisal and Financial Management. The course looks at project appraisal and financial management issues from both a theoretical and applied perspective, with topics ranging from the role of governance to the concepts of financial uncertainty and value management.
  • Module 4: Health, Safety, Welfare and Risk Assessment. The course looks at health, safety, welfare and risk issues from both a theoretical and applied perspective, with topics ranging from sources of risk to international standards.
  • Module 5: Sustainable Development. The course looks at sustainable development issues from both a theoretical and applied perspective, with topics ranging from the origins of sustainable development to the value of triple bottom line reporting.

Further breakdown of topics covered in each programme together with the learning objectives are available on the respective course pages.

ICE Exam

Delegates must meet the eligibility requirements before applying to take the ICE Exam. To check if you are eligible to sit the Exam, please contact the ICE exam team at

Further information on the eligibility requirements and application process to take the ICE Further Learning Exam can be found at

This course ties in with the ICE Exam curriculum. Please visit the individual module pages for details of each topic's learning objectives.

The course is designed for delegates who wish to apply for the ICE’s Chartered Professional Review (CPR) or Chartered Professional Review Progressive (CPRP) and do not have the required academic qualifications to do so. Specifically:

  • ICE Graduate Members, ICE Associate Members or full Members, or
  • Members of a Professional Engineering Institution (PEI) with which ICE has a Mutual Exemption Agreement

Please note that the exam is relevant to some, but not all, BEng(Hons) graduates. Some will have already met the educational base requirements under previous international recognition agreements, or through formal post-graduate study, and therefore they do not need to sit the exam.

Graduates who meet the following criteria can benefit from the exam:

  • A BEng(Hons) degree in civil engineering that is:
    • either accredited by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE), or other Washington Accord signatory, where study commenced after 1 July 2015
    • or recognised by the UK Engineering Council where study commenced after 1 September 1999
  • Have no formal post-graduate engineering qualifications
  • At least two years engineering experience post-graduation

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