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Explore the full range of available training courses for your professional development needs and ensure you are up to date with best practice in civil engineering, project management and construction.

Course Title Available
Actions on Structures - Eurocode 1
Adjudication and the ICE
Advanced Professional Award in Expert Witness Evidence
Bills Of Quantities For Highway Works
BIM Implementation - Putting People First
Bridge Loading, Analysis and Design
Bridge Management - The Masterclass
Building Healthy Teams
CDM2015 and BIM
CDM2015 eLearning: The Full Picture, Principles and Practice
CDM2015 - The Importance of the Client in Leading the Project Team
CDM2015 - The Principal Designer and Designer - Demonstrating Capability
Construction Contract Strategy in an International market
Construction Disputes Masterclass - The Cause, Effect and Solution
Construction Project Management
Construction Waste and Waste Management
Contract and Commercial Management
Design and Construction of Pile Foundations
Design of Retaining Walls to Eurocode 7
Design of Bridges to Eurocodes
Design of Composite Structures to Eurocode 4 - The Essentials
Design of Concrete Structures to Eurocode 2 - The Essentials
Design of Concrete Structures to Eurocode 2 - The Workshop
Design of Liquid Retaining Structures to Eurocode 2
Design of Steel Structures to Eurocode 3 - The Essentials
Design of Steel Structures to Eurocode 3 - The Workshop
Design of Structural Masonry to Eurocode 6
Design of Timber Structures to Eurocode 5 - The Essentials
Durability of Bridges and Structures
Earthworks - Theory and Practice
Environmental Awareness
Essential Contract Law
Essentials of Health and Safety in Construction
Eurocodes EN1990/EN1991 for Buildings
Foundation Design
Fundamentals of CDM2015
Geotechnical Design to Eurocode 7
Getting it Right - from Ground Conditions to Design Solutions
Getting it Right - Geotechnical Data for Design
Getting it Right - Ground Investigation
Health and Safety Compliance for Contractor Management
Highway Design and Detailing using the DMRB
ICE BIM for Infrastructure
ICE Law and Contracts eLearning course
ICE Law and Contracts for accredited ECC Project Managers (eLearning)
ICE Law and Contracts Management with NEC3: ECC project manager accreditation (Blended learning)
ICE Professional Review Preparation Course
Infrastructure Asset Management
Intro to Project Management for Civil Engineers and Construction Professionals - APM PFQ preparation
Introduction to Contaminated Land
Introduction to Health and Safety in Construction
Mentoring for Supervising Civil Engineers and Delegated Engineers
Pavement Design using the DMRB
Principles of Construction Contracts
Project Business Case
Project Communication Management
Project Contract Management
Project Cost Management
Project Cost Management - Estimating, Budgeting and Value
Project Governance
Project Management for Civil Engineers and Construction Professionals + APM PMQ exam
Project Planning
Project Quality Management
Project Risk Management
Project Scope Management
Reinforced Concrete Detailing for Designers
Reinforced Concrete Detailing of Building Structures
Seismic Design to Eurocode 8
Slope Stability
Specification Writing
Specifying and using asphalts in roads and other paved areas with confidence
Structural Appraisals - Learning from Building Failures
Sustainable Development - Design, Construction and Maintenance
Technical Report and Business Writing
Technical Report Writing
Temporary Works Co-ordination
Temporary Works Co-ordinator Training Course
Temporary Works Design (Above Ground)
Temporary Works Design (Below Ground)
Temporary Works Supervisor Training Course
Test your knowledge of CDM2015
The Career Appraisal Route to Incorporated or Chartered Engineer
The Comprehensive CDM2015 Overview
The Technical Report Route to Incorporated or Chartered Engineer
Working at Height for Designers and Contractors
Your Professional Review - Preparation and the Review Day
Your Training Agreement and how to make progress

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