Infographic - Why BIM?

The below infographic is useful in helping to highlight some key drivers behind Building Information Modelling (BIM).

It supports the reasons behind the Government's implementation of BIM Level 2 as a minimum standard across public projects from 2016 onwards.

The figures in the infographic are taken from the Government's Digital Built Britain (DBB) document.

Click on the image below to zoom:

My background in BIM

As principal tutor for the new ICE Training programme BIM Implementation: Putting People First, my area of interest lies in how to effectively manage people when implementing BIM Level 2 on a project or in an organisation.

For me, The implementation of BIM is not simply about technologies and processes. Absolutely key is communication and collaboration. You have these skills; all you need to do is recalibrate them for a BIM context. This training programme will show you how.

ICE Certification

I am also pleased to have been involved with the development of the unique ICE Certificate for BIM. This awards those who have completed both the BIM Implementation and ICE Training's accompanying ICE BIM for Infrastructure programme with recognition that they have reached an ICE-approved standard of knowledge in BIM Level 2. It also counts towards your CPD with ICE.

About me

My professional background lies in information management and project management. I have more than 15 years' experience of both hands-on implementation and strategic development of Information and Knowledge Management activities. As well as BIM, I focus my professional practice on Infrastructure Asset Information, Geospatial Information and classification systems.

Steve Eglinton

Director, GeoEnable
BSc (Hons), FBCS, FBCart.S, MIoD, MPWI

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