ICE training courses in construction law and contract management

Build your foundations in contract and commercial management, and continue your professional development with our peer reviewed training programmes.

ICE Training and the IACCM have come together to develop a 2 day programme - Contract and Commercial Management - ideal for professionals looking to build their understanding of successful commercial management and develop specialist skills in this area.

Specifically designed for the non-contracts business professional, the programme focusses on delivering contemporary best practice information, equipping you with the skills to be able to participate effectively in the contract process.

This focussed training course will develop your understanding of:

  • Contract life-cycle management from contract initiation to contract close-out
  • The processes involved in managing contracts in a professional working environment
  • The customer’s and supplier’s perspective of the process
  • Relationship management and its importance in achieving successful outcomes
  • Prioritisation skills in the commercial environment
  • The basics of cost analysis  

Availability and bookings

Click here to see the next available training course date. 

The programme can also be delivered directly to members of your organisation as an in-house training course, on a date and in a location that is preferable to you. Click here to find out more, or call our in-house team on +44 (0)20 7665 2306.

Also available

Principles of Construction Contracts

  • Available as a two day classroom course, tailored in-house programme, or 'quick-guide' 90 minute eLearning module
  • Mapped to UK-SPEC Competence E5
  • Delivered in clear, easy to understand language,avoiding unnecessary legal jargon
  • Ideal for those in the early stages of their professional development
  • Develop the knowledge and ability to interpret and effectively apply construction contracts in an international context


Construction Contract Strategy for International Markets

  • A succinct online training module on how to produce a construction strategy, the various forms of standard contract and their differences
  • Ideal for graduates in the early stages of professional development
  • Provides guidance on how to develop a high level business strategy, conduct a successful portfolio analysis, and review procurement options to select the right contract for your project portfolio
  • Develop knowledge and skills that can be applied in an international context


Essential Contract Law

  • A one day programme on the key requirements inherent in a contract, how it is operated, and the key clauses that need to be interpreted
  • Mapped to UK-SPEC Competence E5
  • Ideal for clients, consultants, contractors or subcontractors looking for foundation knowledge in construction law
  • Be clear on the essential aspects of law that apply to your construction activities


Expert Witness Masterclass

  • Edexcel accredited 3 day programme for expert witnesses
  • Approved by the ICE Dispute Resolution Services
  • Includes an assessment day, which will progress you towards the Advanced Professional Award in Expert Witness Evidence
  • Reach an assessed standard of knowledge and understand the duties, responsibilities and regulation associated with expert witness work, report writing and court attendance

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