Achieve the ICE Certificate for BIM

ICE Training and the ICE BIM Action Group have developed a unique learning pathway in BIM, that helps you achieve ICE certification and acknowledgement for your BIM knowledge and skills.




BIM Implementation - Putting People First is a one day training course, delivered by experienced BIM practitioners, that illustrates the changes in behaviour and culture required for the successful roll-out of BIM Level 2 in a project or organisation.

It looks at the specific personal and developmental skills individuals need to implement BIM Level 2 culture.

This focussed training course is ideal for project managers and decision-makers responsible for implementing BIM Level 2 in their organisation. It will also be useful to those wanting a deeper understanding of people-focussed BIM concepts. It will:

  • Reinforce your understanding of BIM principles and practice
  • Make you clear and confident on how to lead a project team implementing BIM culture
  • Enrich your knowledge of change management, good governance, effective communication, stakeholder management, collaboration and project risk
  • Empower you to guide colleagues in BIM Level 2, and become a valued member of your project team
  • Equip you with the necessary skills to be able to embed best practice processes in BIM across your organisation

Availability and bookings

The next available training date will be 27 October in central London.

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After successful attendance and completion of this and our existing two day training programme, ICE BIM for Infrastructure, you will be awarded the ICE Certificate for BIM.

This is a unique ICE certification that contributes to your CPD with ICE. It demonstrates that you have received the training necessary to be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of how to implement BIM Level 2 in your organisation.

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