Reinforced Concrete: the essence of modern construction

Reinforcement is a necessity in the design and construction of modern concrete structures and their components.

Designers, structural detailers and CAD technicians rely on the correct design and practical application of reinforced concrete detailing in order to produce robust, safe and sustainable structures.

Aligning with industry need, ICE Training offers two programmes developed for those who are specialising in reinforced concrete detailing:

Reinforced Concrete Detailing for Designers
18 March | London | £295
Reinforced Concrete Detailing of Building Structures
25 March | London | £570
This one day training course will teach you how to produce clear and unambiguous detailing and scheduling for building structures in the procurement and management of successful reinforced concrete detailing design project. Aimed at the structural CAD Technician this two day training course delivers the knowledge necessary for you to be able to deliver clear, consistent and rigorous structural detailing across your projects
  • Recognise and avoid the most common design mistakes in detailing practice
  • Confidently produce the necessary detailing information and communicate effectively with detailing professionals
  • Know the key requirements of a good detailer and the challenges, opportunities and options for detailing common structural elements
  • Understand the impact of Eurocode 2 (EN1992) on detailing
  • Know the key features of BS8666 and its application
  • Be clear on the implications of outsourced detailing in the UK and overseas
  • Be clear on the design decisions that underpin structural detailing
  • Have confidence in the design decisions you make across your projects
  • Understand the principles and codes of practice for reinforcemend detailing and scheduling
  • Enrich your knowledge of the availability and use of proprietary detailing systems
  • Be able to produce reinforcement details for footings, columns, beams, slabs and other ancilliary structural elements

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Free paper from ICE Virtual Library

Making reinforced concrete immune from chloride erosion

Chloride-induced corrosion is a major factor affecting the durability of reinforced-concrete structures. However, a high tolerance to chloride contamination has often been achieved under laboratory conditions...

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