Our CDM 2015 training: customer experiences

Andrew Hull, Contracts Manager for Bullivant Taranto, Ireland's foremost concrete and piling company, shares his experiences with us after he attended our CDM 2015 - The Complete Guide training programme.

Why did you decide to attend the training course?

'I am currently studying part-time towards an MSc in Construction and Project Management, with a view to applying for CPRP in 2 years’ time. During the summer break,  I decided to undertake some additional H&S training, and the CDM 2015 looked ideal.  

I was interested in how the changes to the 2007 regulations would affect our works, particularly with the impact on the design aspect of our work.'

Was there a specific part of the programme you enjoyed the most?

'The programme was enjoyable throughout, but I did find the course tutor’s style helped encourage group discussion and allowed everyone to engage in the debate from their own perspective and background. I felt this helped delegates absorb the information and help explain how the regulations would apply.'

What have you gained from attending the training?

'Attending the course has given me updated information, particularly on the legal duties of individual parties involved in contracts.'

How will you apply your training in practice?

'Our involvement tends to be as a specialist sub-contractor, with our own in-house design department. So I'll use what I learnt from the training to make sure we are carrying out our duties correctly as a contractor undertaking works on site alongside other trades.'

About the training

CDM 2015: The Complete Guide is a two day programme that will guide you through the requirements of all duty-holders under CDM 2015. It will ensure that you have clarity on the necessary health and safety procedures to be implemented throughout the life-cycle of a project, whatever your role.

It is ideal for designers, clients and contractors who are responsible for health and safety on a project and need to know about the changes.  Read more

Andrew attended a training course delivered by Tony Putsman, BSc (Hons), MICE, CEng, AIEMA.
Tony is an ICE Training CDM tutor, chartered civil engineer, experienced project manager, and consultant. He is a leading advocate of team-based risk management, running his own risk management consultancy.

He co-authored ICE Publishing's Teamwork not Paperwork - a practical guide to using CDM to deliver better projects.

The next training programme to be delivered by Tony will be on 29 September in central London.

For full information, more available training dates and to book online, click here.

To see our full range of available CDM 2015 training programmes, click here.

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