Meet your CDM tutors

Tony Putsman
BSc (Hons), MICE, CEng, AIEMA

Tony Putsman_ICE Training CDM tutor

Tony is an ICE Training CDM tutor, chartered civil engineer, experienced project manager, and consultant. He has worked for major companies across the construction industry and is now a leading advocate of team-based risk management, running his own risk management consultancy.

He is currently working with clients in the energy, rail, off-shore, house building and refurbishment sectors, promoting a strategic approach to project risk management through enhanced collaborative working.

Tony's comments on the training

What, in your opinion, makes the ICE Training CDM 2015 courses different to those offered by other training providers?

'The training we have delivered since 6th April has given me a real insight into the previous level of CDM training experienced by attendees on our courses, and what makes our offering unique.

One of my water sector clients told me, "we have already had three CDM 2015 briefings, from different organisations, but none of them went beyond the changes from 2007."

The ICE programmes are different because they provide delegates with a much broader understanding of the management principles underpinning the new regulations which helps them to interpret the guidance in L153 in a practical way.

In addition to introducing delegates to the structure and content of the regulations, they deliver guidance on tools and methods for managing risk, particularly in the pre-construction phase.'

What's the main outcome you want to achieve from delivering training on CDM 2015?

'My main interest is in helping organisations to implement the Principal Designer function, with particular reference to the link between permanent and temporary works design co-ordination.'

Tony will be delivering the following in CDM 2015 training programmes this autumn.

CDM 2015: The Principal Designer and Designer - Demonstrating Capability
8 September | London

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CDM 2015: Overview
15 September | London

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CDM 2015: The Importance of the Client in Leading the Project Team
22 September | London

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CDM 2015: The Complete Guide
29-30 September | London

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