ICE mentoring - pairing mentors and mentees

ICE mentoring - pairing mentors and mentees

Why join?

Our ICE mentoring scheme can help you achieve your goals wherever you are in your career. Through the online platform, support is at hand to become professionally qualified or boost your professional development at any stage.

Support to become professionally qualified

Use our online platform ( to help you find a mentor to guide and support you through initial professional development (IPD) or, as a mentor yourself, to support a young engineer to achieve qualification. Please note that for IPD mentoring to start, mentors will have to be formally approved by their local Membership Manager or Membership Development Officer (MDO). Please contact your local Membership Recruitment Team for further information on the approval process.

Once mentors have been approved by their MDO and when mentors and mentees have connected, our guide to mentor-supported training will explain how to take this forward successfully.

Boosting your career at any stage

As a member of ICE (from Student Members to Fellows) you can use our mentoring scheme to support your ongoing career development. Our online platform ( will help to match mentors and mentees, against areas of common interest and expertise. As a mentee you can specify the type of knowledge and skills you would like to improve, so you can search mentors with the right expertise.

As a mentor, you can showcase your experience and knowledge (mentoring also counts as CPD). We also offer online resources, advice and guidance to help you make the most of the ICE mentoring scheme.

Sounds great – how do I join?

Joining the mentoring scheme is easy using our online match making service.

  • Set up your account in our online system
  • Complete your profile as a mentor/mentee
  • Mentees – search the system to find a suitable mentor and contact them with a proposal for mentoring
  • Mentors – review proposals and choose whether to accept suggested matches
  • Once you both agree to the match, you can begin your mentoring relationship

Join our mentoring scheme today

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