CDM 2015 - Manage your organisation's transition to the new regulations

Get your staff CDM-ready for the October roll-out . We can offer you tailored CDM 2015 training solutions, responding to your organisation's needs.

CDM 2015 came into force on 6 April. CDM 2007 can only continue to be applied until 6 October. After this, the new regulations will become mandatory across projects.

To align with industry requirement, ICE offers a suite of training programmes, peer reviewed by the ICE Health and Safety Panel, which cover the following core CDM areas:

  • The principal differences between CDM 2007 and CDM 2015
  • The role and new requirements of the designer and principal designer
  • The importance of the client in leading the project team
  • Key project management and team-building tools

Knowledge of these across the staff spectrum will ensure organisations are fully prepared for the transition to CDM 2015.

Tailored training

Our CDM tutors will be available throughout September to deliver in-company versions of our CDM 2015 programmes, tailored to suit the learning and development requirements of your staff. This in-house training solution means that the programmes can be delivered to fit in with your schedule, targeting specific skills gaps.

Contact us

Get your organisation CDM 2015-ready. Speak to our CDM Account Manager, Richard, to discuss your organisation's personalised CDM 2015 training programme.

Phone: +44 (0)20 7665 2406

Programmes available

The Principal Designer and Designer - Demonstrating Capability
Covers the essential responsbilites of this role, which will fully replace that of the CDM Co-ordinator in October 2015. These include effective communication, team-based risk management, change management and accident prevention strategies.

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The Importance of the Client in Leading the Project Team
Focusses on the responsibilities of the client under CDM 2015, ensuring clarity on how to build the project team, and the impact client decisions have on health and safety practice throughout the project.

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The Complete Guide
Guides you through the requirements of all duty-holders under CDM 2015. It will ensure that you have clarity on the necessary health and safety procedures to be implemented throughout the life-cycle of the project, whatever your role.

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Ideal if you are looking for an introduction to the new regulations, the basic requirements of those who have responsibility for health and safety on projects, and how to apply CDM 2015 in practice.

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