Your Training Agreement and How to Make Progress

Your Training Agreement and How to Make Progress
This affordable one day training course has been developed to help trainees understand the requirements of their Training Agreement and to manage their own progress effectively and with confidence.

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About the Training Agreement

The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) approves Training Agreements to enable companies to develop their trainees in a structured way as they progress towards a professional qualification. The Training Agreement ensures that a broad range of experience is covered and that it is recorded and assessed at various stages.

Sessions begin at 9:00 and finish at 17:00. Morning and afternoon coffee breaks and lunch are included in the programme. All timings except the start time are approximate and may be adjusted to suit natural breaks in the sessions.

  • Session 1 - Member Attributes: what counts as evidence, how to record experience, levels of competence, quantity.
  • Session 2 - Development (quarterly) Reports: how to produce them in a timely manner, content, appendices.
  • Session 3 - CPD records: DAP and PDRs.
  • Session 4 - Quarterly reviews: managing your TA and mentor.
  • Session 5 - Annual Assessments: interview with SCE, recording progress and the TSAAR.
  • Session 6 - Training Review: completion of the TA, the TSCS, recording and registering with ICE.
  • Session 7 - Consolidation: level of responsibility, the Progressive Route option, thinking about the Professional Review.

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:​

  • Understand the process to follow when using a Training Agreement
  • Know what records to maintain for your Training Agreement
  • Know how to complete a Training Agreement in a timely manner

This training course has been developed for:

  • Trainees on a Training Agreement
  • Those on a Mentor-supported Training Scheme

This course would also be useful for those following the Career Appraisal route (effectively a self-managed process).

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